Online Giving

God has blessed Faison Methodist Church through your faithful giving. There could be no ministry if it were not for faithful people like you who tithe and give; through which we have supported many different ministries this year. Please continue to give so that Faison Methodist can minister to those in our community, nation, and around the world.  All donations are tax-deductible.

In Person

Give IN PERSON during Sunday worship or you can drop it off at the church on Thursday afternoons.

Your bank Bill Pay

Mail to: 

PO Box 417, Faison NC, 2834

Bank Fees Explained

With Online Giving, there are usually bank fees. We wanted to break them down for you so you can help FMC save money and retain more of our donations.

Checks and Cash IN-HOUSE or through Bill Pay always have  NO FEE.

With SECURE GIVE and there are two options, ACH or DEBIT / CREDIT CARD. The ACH option charges 0.25 cents per transaction, regardless of the dollar amount. We encourage you to use the ACH option. The DEBIT / CREDIT CARD / TEXT2GIVE charges a 2.2% plus $0.30 per transaction fee. With SECURE GIVE, you can also set up recurring transactions.